2022-02-09 Daniel Liugappx from xresources master
2021-12-10 Daniel Liuupdate keys
2021-11-01 Daniel Liudeps update
2021-09-06 Daniel Liuapplied pertag
2021-08-07 Daniel Liurestore mouse keys
2021-05-07 Daniel LiuRevert "fakefullscreen"
2021-01-31 Daniel Liureadme fix
2021-01-31 Daniel Liureadme
2021-01-31 Daniel Liudisabled mouse
2020-10-04 Daniel Liuapplied swallow
2020-10-04 Daniel Liufakefullscreen
2020-10-04 Daniel Liuapplied fake full screen
2020-10-04 Daniel Liuapplied pertag
2020-09-30 Daniel Liuconfig
2020-09-30 Daniel Liuresize hints
2020-09-30 Daniel Liuapplied gap
2020-09-11 Daniel Liuxresources
2020-09-11 Daniel Liufix monitor
2020-09-11 Daniel Liufix monitor
2020-09-10 Daniel Liuxresources
2020-09-10 Daniel Liuremoved xresources for dmenu
2020-08-26 Daniel Liuremoved bindings for changing gap size
2020-08-12 Daniel Liubar font
2020-08-12 Daniel Liuoops
2020-08-12 Daniel Liuchange font
2020-07-30 Daniel Liuxresources
2020-07-30 Daniel Liuoops
2020-07-30 Daniel Liuapplied xresources patch
2020-07-30 Daniel Liuapplied autostart
2020-07-26 Daniel Liuapply gap patch
2020-07-08 Hiltjo Posthumadwm.1: fix wrong text in man page
2020-06-11 Alex FlierlFix memory leaks in drw
2020-04-25 bakkebydwm crashes when opening 50+ clients (tile layout)
2020-04-22 Chris Downdrawbar: Don't shadow sw global
2020-04-22 Chris Downgetatomprop: Add forward declaration
2020-04-20 Chris Downsetmfact: Unify bounds for compile-time and runtime...
2020-04-03 Hiltjo Posthumaconfig.mk: fix POSIX_C_SOURCE macro for feature test...
2019-02-02 Anselm R GarbePrepare 6.2 release.
2018-06-02 Hiltjo Posthumapledge: add rpath promise for the ugly Xft font fallback
2018-06-02 Hiltjo PosthumaMakefile: just show the compiler output
2018-06-02 Klemens NanniDo not strip at link stage
2018-05-25 Klemens NanniPledge on OpenBSD
2018-05-25 Hiltjo Posthumaconfig.def.h: ClkTagBar missing from comment
2018-05-12 Christopher... Function declarations in correct order.
2018-05-12 Hiltjo Posthumaremove old TODO and BUGS entries
2018-03-14 Hiltjo Posthumaupdate README: remove mentioning the old dextra repo
2018-03-14 Christopher... All functions in alphabetical order except for this...
2018-03-14 Christopher... ColBorder has been moved to the enum with ColFg and...
2017-12-27 Hiltjo Posthumadont NUL terminate _NET_WM_NAME
2017-11-03 Hiltjo Posthumasync dmenu drw.{c,h} code: use Clr* (was Scm)
2017-11-03 Hiltjo Posthumagettextprop: check result of XGetTextProperty (undefine...
2017-11-03 Omar SandovalSet class name on status bar
2017-10-11 Daniel Cousenssimplify isfixed conditions
2017-05-08 Anselm R Garbeyet another cleanup
2017-03-28 Markus TeichDon't restrict snap in mousemove
2017-03-28 Markus TeichButton passthrough when client is not focused
2017-03-28 Markus Teichcleanup
2016-12-05 Anselm R Garbeapplied Markus' tagset purge of alternative view on...
2016-12-05 Anselm R Garbeapplied Ivan Delalande's NET_SUPPORTING_WM_CHECK patch...
2016-12-05 Anselm R Garbeapplied Ian Remmler's man page adjustment suggestions
2016-12-05 Anselm R Garbeapplied Markus' decouple color-scheme patch
2016-12-05 Anselm R Garbeapplied Markus' clarify status text padding patch
2016-11-15 Quentin RameauLICENSE: update people
2016-11-15 Quentin Rameaudwm.1: add keybinding for spawning dmenu
2016-11-05 Hiltjo Posthumadie() on calloc failure
2016-08-12 Hiltjo Posthumadie() consistency: always add newline
2016-06-28 Hiltjo Posthumaconfig.def.h: style improvement, use color Scheme enum
2016-06-26 Markus Teichimport new drw from libsl and minor fixes.
2016-06-24 Eric PruittConfigure geometry before applying rules
2015-12-19 Hiltjo Posthumafix fullscreen clients not resized on X display resolut...
2015-12-19 Quentin RameauShut up glibc about _BSD_SOURCE being deprecated
2015-11-08 Hiltjo Posthumacode-style consistency
2015-11-08 Hiltjo Posthumaunboolification
2015-11-08 Hiltjo Posthumasort include + whitespace fix
2015-11-08 Hiltjo Posthumaseparate program-specific c99 bool and X11
2015-11-08 Hiltjo PosthumaMakefile: package all files with make dist
2015-11-07 Quentin Rameausetfullscreen: don't process the property twice
2015-10-20 Hiltjo Posthumasync updated drw code from dmenu
2015-10-20 Hiltjo Posthumadwm: use ecalloc, prevent theoretical overflow
2015-10-20 Hiltjo Posthumacleanup, dont use c++ style comments
2015-10-20 Hiltjo Posthumadwm: cleanup: free schemes and cursors as array
2015-10-20 Hiltjo Posthumaconfig.h: use common default font, pass Xft font name...
2015-10-20 Hiltjo Posthumaconfig.mk: add $FREETYPELIBS and $FREETYPEINC, simpler...
2015-03-13 Eric PruittAdd Xft and follback-fonts support to graphics lib
2014-11-23 Anselm R Garberemoved .hgtags, thanks Dimitris for spotting
2014-08-11 Anselm R Garbeapplied Hiltjo's resize/move limitation
2014-05-29 Anselm R Garbesame as before with dwm.c as well
2014-05-29 Anselm R Garbeupdated copyright notice in LICENSE file
2013-08-27 Anselm R Garbeapplied Lukas' focus suggestion at startup, thanks
2013-08-02 Anselm R Garbeapplied improved version of Martti Kühne's dmenu/multi...
2013-07-20 Anselm R Garbedo not take our font declaration as default for st
2013-06-23 Anselm R Garbeapplied Jochen's drw_text patch, thanks
2013-06-19 Anselm R Garbeapplied Julian's enum approach,
2013-06-16 Anselm R Garbefinished libsl/drw integration
2013-05-02 Anselm R Garbeinclude font argument for st by default
2013-05-01 Anselm R Garbeadded st to SEE ALSO section
2013-05-01 Anselm R Garbeuse st as default terminal from now on
2013-05-01 Anselm R Garbeshut up about deprecated Xlib functions
2013-04-17 Anselm R Garberenamed draw into drw
2012-12-09 Anselm R Garbecontinued with draw.c and draw.h implementation, now...