Project Description Last Change
dmenu.git my dmenu config 2 years ago
dotfiles.git some misc dotfiles and scripts 2 years ago
dwm.git My build of the dynamic window... 19 months ago
dwmblocks.git my dwmblocks config 12 months ago
ekitaihs.git terminal fluid simulation... 2 years ago
pb.git minimal shell script to genera... 2 years ago
pinopress.git makefile based static blog... 2 years ago
slock.git my slock config lol 3 years ago
smdp.git suckless command-line markdown... 2 years ago
sped.git sped (the stupidly pointless... 2 years ago
st.git My personal fork of the simple... 19 months ago
surf.git pinosaur's patched version... 2 years ago
taskasaur.git suckless inspired kanban style... 2 years ago