2021-02-15 Daniel Liuapplied history master
2021-02-15 Daniel Liureadme
2021-01-09 Daniel Liuadded vid notification
2021-01-09 Daniel Liuapplied play external
2020-08-04 Daniel Liusearchengines
2020-08-04 Daniel Liuhomepage
2020-08-04 Daniel Liuchanged homepage
2020-08-04 Daniel Liuadded searx
2020-08-04 Daniel Liuhomepage
2020-08-04 Daniel LiuMerge branch 'searchengines'
2020-08-04 Daniel LiuRevert "applied websearch"
2020-08-04 Daniel Liulul
2020-08-04 Daniel Liuconfig
2020-08-04 Daniel Liuapplied search engine patch
2020-08-02 Daniel Liuapplied websearch
2020-08-01 Daniel Liuapplied homepage
2020-08-01 Daniel Liuapplied bookmarking
2019-02-08 efeFix vertical scroll directions in the config file
2019-02-07 Leonardo TaccariMakefile: fix a typo in clean: target
2019-02-06 Quentin RameauMakefile: include common to webext
2019-02-06 Quentin RameauMakefile: fix a typo for the webext CFLAGS
2018-10-15 Quentin RameauSend message size inside messages through pipes
2018-10-09 Leonardo TaccariUse pkg-config for X11{INC,LIB}
2018-10-09 Quentin RameauMakefile: fix dependencies
2018-10-08 Quentin RameauFix, again, webext directory in Makefile
2018-10-08 Quentin RameauFix webext directory in Makefile
2018-10-08 Quentin RameauRemove libtool depencency, reorganise Makefile
2018-10-08 Quentin RameauUnobfuscate Makefile
2018-10-08 Quentin Rameauext: get the right DOM on msg
2018-10-08 Quentin RameauAdd a file for shared functions
2018-10-08 Quentin RameauCommunicate with webextension via a pipe
2018-10-08 Quentin Rameauext: first commit for surf lib
2018-10-08 Quentin RameauRequest cookiemanager only once at creation
2018-10-08 Quentin RameauExit more gracefully on web process crash.
2018-10-08 nzlAllow tilde expansion in loaduri
2018-06-18 Eddie ThiedaFixed wording in
2018-06-09 Quentin RameauForce printing the winid when requested
2018-02-23 Jochen SprickerhofDocument SIGHUP in manpage
2018-02-23 nzlScript text shouldn't go through formatted conversion
2018-02-23 Eon S. JeonAdd support for WebGL
2017-06-03 Quentin RameauDisable media autoplay by default
2017-05-30 Quentin RameauStore modified parameters list
2017-05-22 Quentin RameauUse priority values instead of “forced” parameters
2017-05-22 Quentin RameauGet rid of config parameter MACROs
2017-05-22 Quentin RameauGet rid of integer member b in Arg
2017-05-22 Quentin RameauOnly apply parameters when needed
2017-05-22 Quentin RameauFix handling of uri-specific parameters
2017-05-22 Quentin RameauUnset previous user styles before applying another one
2017-05-22 Constantine... Add config option for cross requests from file URLs
2017-05-21 Quentin RameauAdd config option for microphone and webcam access
2017-05-11 Quentin RameauFix synchronization issue with atoms
2017-05-11 Quentin RameauThere's no need to call geturi() again in loadchanged
2017-05-11 Quentin RameauAdd config option for smooth scrolling activation
2017-05-11 Quentin RameauAdd config option for Java activation
2017-05-11 Quentin RameauAdd config option for setting default charset.
2017-05-11 Quentin RameauImprove parameters handling
2017-05-11 ssdChange PROMPT_GO from "URL:" to "Go:"
2017-05-08 Quentin RameauAdd prompts for SETPROP
2017-05-08 Quentin RameauEmbed dmenu into the surf window by default
2017-05-08 Quentin RameauSimplify DOWNLOAD macro
2017-05-08 Quentin RameauSimplify SETPROP macro
2017-05-04 Quentin RameauSimplify usage()
2017-05-04 Quentin RameauSimplify version message
2017-05-02 Ivan ThamUse Ctrl-t for showcert instead of Ctrl-x
2017-04-30 Quentin RameauCleanup and fix formatage issues in surf.1
2017-04-30 Quentin RameauFix forgotten options in surf.1
2017-04-30 Hiltjo Posthumasetcert: check uri before adding a certificate
2017-04-29 Hiltjo Posthumafix mini typo
2017-04-29 Hiltjo Posthumasurf.1: remove trailing spaces
2017-04-29 Quentin RameauAdd forgotten tT indicator description in surf.1
2017-04-29 Quentin RameauAdd forgotten fF indicator description in surf.1
2017-04-29 Quentin RameauAdd a flag for custom certificates
2017-04-29 Quentin RameauMove xid printing option from -x to -w
2017-04-29 Quentin RameauAdd a keybinding to show current TLS certificate
2017-04-29 Quentin RameauDisplay an error message and certificate on tls error
2017-04-29 Quentin RameauArrange Makefile
2017-04-29 Quentin RameauFree temporary certificate in setcert
2017-04-28 Quentin RameauDo not build SiteSpecific file when regex is invalid
2017-04-28 Quentin RameauAdd support for using custom certificates per url
2017-04-27 Quentin RameauAvoid using global name stylefile in setstyle()
2017-04-27 Quentin RameauChange site styles structure for a more generic one
2017-04-23 Quentin RameauFix 27cec48 Add a flag/keybinding for strict TLS
2017-04-23 Quentin RameauFix a981959 Move -t stylefile flag to -C stylefile
2017-04-23 Quentin RameauFix possible oob access of cmd in newwindow()
2017-04-19 Quentin RameauBump year in program
2017-04-19 Quentin RameauAdd a flag and toggle keybinding for strict TLS
2017-04-19 Quentin RameauMove -t stylefile flag to -C stylefile
2017-04-19 Quentin RameauRename SSL instances to TLS
2017-04-19 Quentin RameauSet strict ssl by default and handle insecure content
2017-04-19 Quentin RameauAdd a configure option for default window size
2017-03-28 Quentin RameauBump version to 2.0
2017-03-28 Quentin RameauAdd contributors to the LICENSE
2017-03-22 Quentin RameauInstall Atoms before initializing gtk
2017-03-22 Michael StevensFix spelling of otherwise in surf.1
2017-03-06 Quentin RameauFix font-size setting parameter value type in newview
2016-09-22 Quentin RameauAdd support for loading Webkit extensions
2016-07-08 Charles LehnerReload on SIGHUP
2016-07-05 Quentin RameauAdd a few configuration options
2016-07-05 Quentin RameauFix GdkDisplay assignment in setup()
2016-07-05 Quentin RameauGet rid of getkbdevice