2021-06-17 Daniel Liucolor config for code blocks master
2021-06-16 Daniel Liurebranded
2021-06-16 Daniel Liuremoved transparency and color fading
2021-05-22 Daniel Liuconfig.h file
2021-05-21 Daniel Liuadd missing options to man page (#150)
2021-04-19 Yochem van... Remove binary and manpage on `$ make uninstall` (#146)
2020-04-10 Sven-Hendrik... Update Arch Linux package (#139)
2020-04-10 AndyPandoc fenced code link in sample (#137)
2018-10-16 jkrvivianFix typos
2018-10-03 Michael Göhlerversion bump
2018-10-03 Christopher... Add option to not invert code background color.
2018-08-27 Michael Göhlerversion bump
2018-08-22 Ethan HerbertsonAdd vertical-centering of slide content
2018-07-23 Michael Göhlerversion bump
2018-06-07 Fredrik FornwallFix build warning when chars are unsigned
2018-01-14 Michael Göhlerset line->size to correct value when stripping trailing...
2017-12-27 Michael Göhlerversion bump
2017-12-27 Michael Göhlerfixed heap-buffer-overflow in url_count_inline, fixes...
2017-12-27 Michael Göhlerupdated ignored files
2017-09-03 Michael Göhlerversion bump
2017-09-03 Namhyung Kimsupport Github style code formatting (#121)
2017-01-26 Michael Göhlerdocumented cygwin package, closes #112
2017-01-12 Michael Göhleradded PREFIX to cygport definition
2016-12-30 Michael Göhlercygport definition for #112
2016-11-03 Michael Göhlerversion bump
2016-11-03 Lev LamberovMake build reproducible. Thanks to Reiner Herrmann...
2016-08-28 Adrian KosmaczewskiAdded instructions for the Raspberry Pi to the README...
2016-08-12 Michael Göhlerfixed wrong slide number and reload issue #108
2016-06-25 Michael Göhlerversion bump
2016-06-15 Luke BondAdded message telling you which slide has too many...
2016-04-02 Michael Göhlerno goto on our code
2016-04-02 Michael Göhlermake pandoc urls appear on stopped slides, closes #103
2016-04-02 Michael Göhleradded guobin2312
2016-04-02 Michael Göhlerenv vars documentation
2016-04-02 Michael Göhleradded cli param to enable char entity expansion + docu
2016-03-28 Bin GuoAdded support of character entities.
2016-03-27 Bin GuoAdded check of list string length.
2016-03-27 Bin GuoAdded configurable list string from env.
2016-03-25 Michael Göhlerversion bump
2016-03-20 Michael Göhlerfixed window refresh behavior for #100
2016-03-20 Michael Göhlerfixed missing color check
2016-02-07 Michael Göhlerversion bump
2016-02-06 Michael Göhlercontinue fenced code blocks across empty lines, #96
2016-02-06 Michael Göhlerbeautifying
2016-02-06 Michael Göhlerfixed code indent issue, closes #96
2016-01-31 Michael GöhlerMerge pull request #99 from dogsleg/master
2016-01-31 Lev LamberovRemove obsolete Debian/Ubuntu build recipe
2016-01-31 Lev LamberovAdd Debian and Ubuntu recipes, rearrange recipes alphab...
2015-12-20 Michael Göhlerversion bump
2015-12-20 Michael GöhlerMerge pull request #95 from dogsleg/master
2015-12-15 Lev Lamberovmaking PREFIX overridable, but still /usr/local by...
2015-11-30 Michael Göhlerremoved temp files
2015-11-30 Michael Göhlerupdated man page
2015-11-20 Michael Göhlerdisabled fade on stop, closes #94
2015-10-27 Michael Göhlerremoved alpha warning
2015-10-27 Michael Göhlerfixed coding style
2015-10-27 Michael Göhlermodified help text + version bump, closes #92
2015-10-27 Michael Göhlerfixed coding style + minor changes
2015-10-27 Martin AltAdded support for pandoc's fenced code blocks
2015-07-15 Michael GöhlerHomebrew link
2015-07-15 Michael Göhlerversion bump für UTF-8 bugfix, thanks again!
2015-07-15 Michael GöhlerMerge pull request #91 from Pyrohh/fix-locale
2015-07-14 Michael ReedFix setting of locale
2015-05-30 Michael Göhlerignore mdpress format attributes, closes #88
2015-05-30 Michael Göhlerfixed right alignment
2015-05-28 Christopher... options to turn off display of slide #/# in footer
2015-04-11 Michael Göhlerupdated sublime build system
2015-04-11 Michael GöhlerMerge pull request #86 from lukaslueg/master
2015-04-11 Michael Göhlerfixed build error, #87
2015-04-11 Lukas LuegFixed crash caused by invalid pandoc urls
2015-04-11 Michael Göhleruse TARGET where possible
2015-04-11 Michael Göhlerrefined man-page
2015-04-10 Daniel Campoverde... Add first man-page documentation
2015-03-27 Michael Göhleri think it's time for version 1.0
2015-03-25 Michael Göhlerremove unnecessary blanks at the output
2015-02-08 Michael Göhlerdocumented line by line support, closes #45, closes #75
2015-02-08 Michael GöhlerMerge pull request #79 from visit1985/wchar_support
2015-02-08 Michael Göhleradded support for interupting slides line by line,...
2015-02-08 Michael Göhlerworkaround for cygwin WEOF, #78
2015-02-08 Michael Göhlerrenamed text->text to text->value for better distinction
2015-02-08 Michael GöhlerUTF-8 sample presentation for testing purposes
2015-02-08 Michael Göhlerreplace pseudo UTF-8 with real wide character support
2015-02-03 Michael GöhlerMerge pull request #77 from technoskald/grammar
2015-02-03 Kyle MaxwellFix minor grammar issues
2015-02-03 Michael GöhlerMerge pull request #76 from anders-dc/master
2015-02-03 Anders DamsgaardAdd g and G keybinds to usage description
2015-02-03 Anders DamsgaardAdd vi-ish navigation to first and last slide
2015-02-01 Michael GöhlerMerge pull request #74 from ahirapatel/master
2015-02-01 Hiral PatelNavigate to any slide number
2015-01-31 Michael Göhlerfixed wrong help message, closes #72
2015-01-20 Michael Göhlerimproved sample animation
2015-01-19 Michael Göhlernew feature - reload a file with a keypress, closes #69
2015-01-19 Michael Göhlerfixed dereferencing issue in markdown_load() and remove...
2015-01-19 Michael Göhlerdelwin() and dereferencing issue in viewer, #70
2014-12-26 Michael Göhleradded license notice
2014-12-26 Michael Göhlerversion bump
2014-12-26 Michael Göhlermake alignment respect pandoc urls, #63
2014-12-26 Michael Göhlerfixed duplicated reference in header-only files, #66...
2014-12-26 Michael GöhlerMerge pull request #68 from jodiecunningham/master
2014-12-26 Jodie Cunninghamfix header-only file crash, fixes #67