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2020-08-04 Daniel Liuhomepage
2020-08-04 Daniel Liuchanged homepage
2020-08-04 Daniel Liuhomepage
2020-08-04 Daniel LiuMerge branch 'searchengines'
2020-08-04 Daniel LiuRevert "applied websearch"
2020-08-04 Daniel Liulul
2020-08-04 Daniel Liuconfig
2020-08-02 Daniel Liuapplied websearch
2020-08-01 Daniel Liuapplied homepage
2020-08-01 Daniel Liuapplied bookmarking
2019-02-08 efeFix vertical scroll directions in the config file
2018-10-08 Quentin RameauCommunicate with webextension via a pipe
2018-02-23 Eon S. JeonAdd support for WebGL
2017-06-03 Quentin RameauDisable media autoplay by default
2017-05-22 Quentin RameauUse priority values instead of “forced” parameters
2017-05-22 Quentin RameauGet rid of config parameter MACROs
2017-05-22 Quentin RameauGet rid of integer member b in Arg
2017-05-22 Constantine BytenskyAdd config option for cross requests from file URLs
2017-05-21 Quentin RameauAdd config option for microphone and webcam access
2017-05-11 Quentin RameauAdd config option for smooth scrolling activation
2017-05-11 Quentin RameauAdd config option for Java activation
2017-05-11 Quentin RameauAdd config option for setting default charset.
2017-05-11 ssdChange PROMPT_GO from "URL:" to "Go:"
2017-05-08 Quentin RameauAdd prompts for SETPROP
2017-05-08 Quentin RameauEmbed dmenu into the surf window by default
2017-05-08 Quentin RameauSimplify DOWNLOAD macro
2017-05-08 Quentin RameauSimplify SETPROP macro
2017-05-02 Ivan ThamUse Ctrl-t for showcert instead of Ctrl-x
2017-04-29 Quentin RameauAdd a keybinding to show current TLS certificate
2017-04-28 Quentin RameauAdd support for using custom certificates per url
2017-04-27 Quentin RameauChange site styles structure for a more generic one
2017-04-19 Quentin RameauAdd a flag and toggle keybinding for strict TLS
2017-04-19 Quentin RameauRename SSL instances to TLS
2017-04-19 Quentin RameauSet strict ssl by default and handle insecure content
2017-04-19 Quentin RameauAdd a configure option for default window size
2016-07-05 Quentin RameauAdd a few configuration options
2016-07-05 Quentin RameauAdapting the whole surf structure to new settings
2016-07-05 Quentin RameauAdapt default parameters to new config style
2016-03-06 Dmitrij D. CzarkoffDisable globbing in curl command
2016-03-02 Quentin RameauGet rid of JavaScript for scrolling in views
2015-11-22 Quentin RameauAdd webkit language settings
2015-11-22 Quentin RameauUn(g)boolify to separate GTK dependant code from the...
2015-11-22 Quentin RameauStyle update for indentation
2015-11-21 Quentin RameauAdd mouse function to play medias in external player
2015-11-21 Quentin RameauStyle change in functions ordering
2015-11-20 Quentin RameauAdapt user agent handling
2015-11-20 Quentin RameauAdapt config MACROs SETPROP, DOWNLOAD, PLUMB
2015-11-20 Quentin RameauRename mouse functions to clickFUNCTION()
2015-11-20 Quentin RameauAdapt toggle(), clean some config parameters
2015-11-20 Quentin RameauAdapt find()
2015-11-19 Quentin RameauRemove togglescrollbars()
2015-11-19 Quentin RameauAdapt scrolling
2015-11-19 Quentin RameauAdapt inspector handling
2015-11-19 Quentin RameauRename fullscreen() to togglefullscreen()
2015-11-19 Quentin RameauAdapted buttonrelease()
2015-11-19 Quentin RameauModify the context name of the hit tests
2015-11-19 Quentin RameauMove all necessary initialisation to newview()
2015-11-18 Quentin RameauRemove source(), it has been removed from webkit2gtk
2015-11-17 Quentin RameauPort surf to gtk3
2015-11-03 Quentin RameauBe more specific about what enablestyles parameter...
2015-10-31 Christoph LohmannStyle changes in config.def.h.
2015-10-13 Quentin RameauFix atom value parsing in SETPROP
2015-07-13 Quentin RameauFix type of strictssl property.
2015-02-10 Markus Teichallow buttonrelease customization in config.h
2015-01-19 Christoph LohmannAdd some description for the plumb feature.
2015-01-19 Christoph LohmannAdd plumbing functionality.
2015-01-18 Christoph LohmannAdd a comment about how the styles are iterated.
2015-01-17 Christoph LohmannAdding disk cache support for soup.
2015-01-17 Christoph LohmannMajor styles update.
2014-02-28 Markus Teichfix some indentation in config.def.h
2014-01-30 Christoph LohmannChange the accept no third party in the doc to the...
2014-01-30 Christoph LohmannAdd a way to define the cookie policy.
2013-10-19 Christoph LohmannAdd zoom level support.
2013-08-25 Christoph LohmannAdd fullscreen mode as flag and config option.
2013-07-20 Anselm R Garbeapplied Nick's 96dpi patch, thanks
2013-04-28 Christoph LohmannAllowing geo location policy decisions.
2013-04-14 Christoph LohmannAdd an option to disable the indicators.
2013-03-31 Nick WhiteEnsure curl follows redirects for downloads
2013-03-30 Alexander SedovA typo in SETPROP macro: should be ``printf %b'', not...
2013-03-21 Alexander SedovFixed SETPROP() macro behaviour in config.def.h to...
2013-03-14 Christoph LohmannAdding a default font size option.
2013-03-11 Christoph LohmannAdding kiosk mode.
2013-02-25 Carlos J. Torresdisable/toggle scrollbars
2013-02-16 Christoph LohmannAdd a toggle command for the stylefile.
2013-02-13 Carlos J. Torresfix DOWNLOAD macro to use cookiefile variable
2013-02-12 Jens NybergRemoved progress indicator
2013-02-02 Christoph LohmannFixing cookie handling for https/http by using curl.
2013-01-26 Christoph LohmannMaking more than one Modkey to work in keys.
2013-01-26 Christoph LohmannAdding web inspector support to surf.
2012-12-04 Christoph LohmannChanging the default DOWNLOAD to use st.
2012-12-03 Christoph LohmannImplementing fullscreen mode. Thanks Krol, Willem van de!
2012-12-02 Christoph LohmannResolving some conflicts in the shortcuts.
2012-12-02 Christoph LohmannMaking zoom available when used in tabbed.
2012-11-20 Christoph LohmannFix some styling in the config.def.h, fix the DOWNLOAD...
2012-11-20 Christoph LohmannAdd a referer argument to the DOWNLOAD macro. Some...
2012-11-16 Christoph LohmannUseragent strings do not count anymore. This is adding...
2012-11-16 Christoph LohmannAdding a surf-open.sh script for easier tabbed(1) integ...
2012-11-16 Christoph LohmannMoving some preprocessor config options to the standard...
2012-11-16 Christoph LohmannAdding back the Escape to stop loading the current...
2012-11-16 Christoph LohmannRemoving the insert mode. It will only confuse users...