Do not build SiteSpecific file when regex is invalid
[surf.git] / surf.c
2017-04-28 Quentin RameauDo not build SiteSpecific file when regex is invalid
2017-04-28 Quentin RameauAdd support for using custom certificates per url
2017-04-27 Quentin RameauAvoid using global name stylefile in setstyle()
2017-04-27 Quentin RameauChange site styles structure for a more generic one
2017-04-23 Quentin RameauFix 27cec48 Add a flag/keybinding for strict TLS
2017-04-23 Quentin RameauFix a981959 Move -t stylefile flag to -C stylefile
2017-04-23 Quentin RameauFix possible oob access of cmd in newwindow()
2017-04-19 Quentin RameauBump year in program
2017-04-19 Quentin RameauAdd a flag and toggle keybinding for strict TLS
2017-04-19 Quentin RameauMove -t stylefile flag to -C stylefile
2017-04-19 Quentin RameauRename SSL instances to TLS
2017-04-19 Quentin RameauSet strict ssl by default and handle insecure content
2017-04-19 Quentin RameauAdd a configure option for default window size
2017-03-22 Quentin RameauInstall Atoms before initializing gtk
2017-03-06 Quentin RameauFix font-size setting parameter value type in newview
2016-09-22 Quentin RameauAdd support for loading Webkit extensions
2016-07-08 Charles LehnerReload on SIGHUP
2016-07-05 Quentin RameauAdd a few configuration options
2016-07-05 Quentin RameauFix GdkDisplay assignment in setup()
2016-07-05 Quentin RameauGet rid of getkbdevice
2016-07-05 Christoph LohmannFixing the last patch to the surf style.
2016-07-05 Dmitry BogatovCheck $HOME and home dir of $USER before getpwuid(...
2016-07-05 Quentin RameauFix url parsing in load()
2016-07-05 Quentin RameauApply domain parameters each time url is changed
2016-07-05 Quentin RameauFix inspector toggling
2016-07-05 Quentin RameauRectify how parameters are handled in setparameter()
2016-07-05 Quentin RameauFix parameter initialization and assignment
2016-07-05 Quentin RameauAdapting the whole surf structure to new settings
2016-07-05 Quentin RameauIntroduce new data structure for handling settings
2016-03-02 Quentin RameauGet rid of JavaScript for scrolling in views
2015-12-01 Quentin RameauFix title handling
2015-11-24 Quentin RameauFix clickexternplayer(), no need to test the target...
2015-11-23 Quentin RameauFix user agent command-line parameter
2015-11-22 Quentin RameauAdd webkit language settings
2015-11-22 Quentin RameauFix key handling
2015-11-22 Quentin RameauFix target uri handling when leaving window
2015-11-22 Quentin RameauAdapt togglestyle()
2015-11-22 Quentin RameauModify decideresource() and favicon handling
2015-11-22 Quentin RameauStyle change in newview(), sort signals order
2015-11-22 Quentin RameauFix error handling in spawn()
2015-11-22 Quentin RameauModify default handling of cookiepolicy functions
2015-11-22 Quentin RameauSimplify handling of c->title
2015-11-22 Quentin RameauFix pasteuri()
2015-11-22 Quentin RameauStyle fix in sigchld()
2015-11-22 Quentin RameauReplace use of EXIT_* constants to 0 and 1
2015-11-22 Quentin RameauFix WM_CLASS and WM_WINDOW_ROLE properties
2015-11-22 Quentin RameauRemove window hints settings
2015-11-22 Quentin RameauStyle indentation fix
2015-11-22 Quentin RameauContinue making chars const
2015-11-22 Quentin RameauCorrect and simplify buttonreleased() gdk event
2015-11-22 Quentin RameauUn(g)boolify to separate GTK dependant code from the...
2015-11-22 Quentin RameauUse char instead of gchar and make them const when...
2015-11-22 Quentin RameauStyle update for indentation
2015-11-21 Quentin RameauAdd mouse function to play medias in external player
2015-11-21 Quentin RameauStyle change in includes order
2015-11-21 Quentin RameauStyle change in functions ordering
2015-11-20 Quentin RameauCleanup remaining unused variables and copystr()
2015-11-20 Quentin RameauAdapt newwindow()
2015-11-20 Quentin RameauAdapt user agent handling
2015-11-20 Quentin RameauAdapt updatetitle()
2015-11-20 Quentin RameauAdapt toggle statistics
2015-11-20 Quentin RameauAdapt page statistics
2015-11-20 Quentin RameauAdapt loaduri()
2015-11-20 Quentin RameauRename mouse functions to clickFUNCTION()
2015-11-20 Quentin RameauAdapt toggle(), clean some config parameters
2015-11-20 Quentin RameauAdapt find()
2015-11-20 Quentin RameauAdapt zoom()
2015-11-20 Quentin RameauAdapt navigate()
2015-11-19 Quentin RameauRemove togglescrollbars()
2015-11-19 Quentin RameauAdapt scrolling
2015-11-19 Quentin RameauAdapt inspector handling
2015-11-19 Quentin RameauAdapt print()
2015-11-19 Quentin RameauSimplify building of stylefiles path
2015-11-19 Quentin RameauAdapt setstyle()
2015-11-19 Quentin RameauAdapt clipboard()
2015-11-19 Quentin RameauRename fullscreen() to togglefullscreen()
2015-11-19 Quentin RameauReplace titlechangeleave() with catch-all winevent()
2015-11-19 Quentin RameauAdapt JavaScript functions
2015-11-19 Quentin RameauRemove windowobjectcleared(), execute scripts on load...
2015-11-19 Quentin RameauAdd createwindow() for GtkWindow creation
2015-11-19 Quentin RameauAdd closeview() for JavaScript window closing
2015-11-19 Quentin RameauRemove (delete :>) deletion_interface()
2015-11-19 Quentin RameauIntegrate beforerequest() into decidepolicy()
2015-11-19 Quentin RameauRemove contextmenu() and menuactivate() for "context...
2015-11-19 Quentin RameauAdapted buttonrelease()
2015-11-19 Quentin RameauReplace initdownload() and intercept global download...
2015-11-19 Quentin RameauAdapted progresschanged()
2015-11-19 Quentin RameauManage ssl errors with GTlsCertificateFlags
2015-11-19 Quentin RameauReplace loadstatuschanged() with loadchanged()
2015-11-19 Quentin RameauReplace decidewindow() and decidedownload() with decide...
2015-11-19 Quentin RameauReplace createwindow() with createview()
2015-11-19 Quentin RameauReplace geopolicyrequested() with permissionrequested()
2015-11-19 Quentin RameauReplace linkhover() with mousetargetchanged()
2015-11-19 Quentin RameauModify the context name of the hit tests
2015-11-19 Quentin RameauAdapted titlechange()
2015-11-19 Quentin RameauMove all necessary initialisation to newview()
2015-11-19 Quentin RameauAdd newview() and forward related views
2015-11-19 Quentin RameauAdd showview()
2015-11-19 Quentin RameauSeparate the rendering engine process
2015-11-19 Quentin RameauNo option to enforce 96DPI anymore on WebKit2