2021-04-03 Danielchanges in popup menu is now preserved master
2021-04-03 Daniel Liufixed screen dying on popup open
2021-04-02 Daniel Liureworked menu rendering
2021-04-02 Danielchecking and unchecking subtask done
2021-04-01 Danielsubtask indicator in popup menu
2021-03-31 Danielcalling render callbacks from render.c
2021-03-31 Danielcallbacks for rendering
2021-03-30 Danielabstract menu driver a bit
2021-03-30 Danielpopup win rendering
2021-03-06 Danielremoved subwin
2021-03-06 Danielhl in popup win
2021-03-01 Daniel Liuchanged rendering
2021-03-01 Daniel Liuworking on popup
2021-02-27 Danielfixed scrolling
2021-02-26 Daniellots of fixes
2021-02-24 Daniel Liucrude scrolling
2021-02-20 Daniel Liufix sig
2021-02-19 Daniel Liutrying to fix term resize
2021-02-18 Daniel Liuwriting rest of fields
2021-02-18 Daniel Liurender description
2021-02-16 Daniel Liurefactor + man
2021-02-16 Daniel Liufree board
2021-02-16 Daniel Liuwriting board
2021-02-14 Daniel Liuwork on writing
2021-02-13 Daniel Liusubwin problems
2021-02-08 Daniel Liumoving items between lists
2021-02-07 Daniel Liurest of insert commands
2021-02-07 Daniel Liuinsert/text editing
2021-02-06 Daniel Liuso apparently heap array not contiguous
2021-02-06 Daniel Liudebugging seg
2021-02-05 Daniel Liuworking on add
2021-02-04 Daniel Liujump to similar position between menus
2021-02-04 Daniel Liumultiple menus
2021-02-03 Daniel Liuhook up read from file
2021-02-03 Daniel Liumenu focus
2021-02-01 Daniel Liuwindows
2021-01-31 Daniel Liumore menu controls
2021-01-31 Daniel Liuvim movement
2021-01-24 Daniel Liucolors on select
2021-01-24 Daniel Liutext wrap
2021-01-23 Daniel Liumenu init
2021-01-23 Daniel Liugeneric array list helper
2021-01-22 Daniel Liudocs and start on menu
2021-01-20 Daniel Liusome init stuff
2021-01-20 Daniel Liuclean up a bit
2020-12-30 Daniel Liumost parsing done
2020-12-29 Daniel Liureading tasklists
2020-12-29 Daniel Liuworking on parser
2020-12-21 Daniel Liuhandling header blocks
2020-12-21 Daniel Liufile reading
2020-12-20 Daniel Liumd4c lib setup
2020-12-19 Daniel Liutrying to parse md
2020-12-15 Daniel Liucolors, config
2020-12-15 Daniel Liufixed menu not showing up
2020-12-14 Daniel Liumenu in subwin
2020-12-14 Daniel Liufinally got menu working
2020-12-13 Daniel Liumenu test
2020-12-13 Daniel Liudisplay list
2020-12-13 Daniel Liucleaned up
2020-12-13 Daniel Liuread into char pointer array instead
2020-12-13 Daniel Liureading from file
2020-12-12 Daniel Liucommand line args
2020-12-12 Daniel Liufile reading and config
2020-12-10 Daniel Liureformatting c
2020-12-09 Daniel Liumoved to c
2020-12-08 Daniel Liuworking on command line args
2020-12-03 Daniel Liubit more messing around
2020-12-03 Daniel Liuncurses basics